System administration


These are a few utilities I wrote for DOS, it might seem obsolete, but I still use these utilities for my unattended install.

Boot-sector utilities

Here are a couple of boot-sector and MBR (master boot record) utilities. I wrote them in order to install a custom made MBR and to make backups of the boot-sector. All of these files are made with the standard DOS assembler (debug).


These are a few utilities I wrote for NT.

Auto logout

This is a modified version of gina.dll. For those who don't know what that is: gina is responsible for standard security and authentication. So logging in, locking the screen, changing the password and the like is done by gina.?br The problem was that at the time I had a couple of rooms with public machines and some students (the a-social ones) locked their screen and went home. So I made the changes to make sure a screen can't be locked for more than 30 minutes.
To do this I had to do two things: Make a sort of killall function (because the logout function does not work properly when the screen is locked, this is a known bug in NT) and a callback function (the standard one didn't work either).
All of this functionality is in this project.

Disk cleanup

This is a disk-cleanup program. It takes a snapshot of your hard-disk and throws away all new files. I never got around to use it, because when I was about to, we upgraded to XP, which has a good security scheme.

Take ownership recursively command line tool


callback timer


These are a few utilities I wrote for W2K. Most of them are visual basic scripts for a domain controller with active directory.

  • adduser
  • deluser
  • moveuser
  • finduser
  • quota
  • setquota
  • rdp
  • make new software package wrapper
  • scheme to use post-install and post-remove scripts and some good examples


These are a few utilities I wrote for XP.

  • partit
  • partres
  • runonce


Here is a small news item from those days.