Python for Life Sciences

30 Aug 2013

In the beginning of August Martijn Vermaat (LUMC) and colleague teachers* organized a course week aimed at his human genetics colleagues in Leiden. Not a biology or life science course, but a course how to learn programming with Python. This clearly illustrates that (bio)informatics is more and more becoming part of the work and education of geneticists and life scientists in general. And it should be, with the increasing number of life science data to be analysed.

Since not only the human geneticists in Leiden were interested in this topic a number of course seats were open for other interested life scientists, which were quickly filled by participants from other LUMC-departments and by people from other organisations including a company.

The course was successful and surely will be repeated. Probably as a national course open for all participants working in the field of Life Science as part of the Training & Education Programme of DTL.

For those of you who can’t wait: slides of the course are available at the course website:

*) The course teachers are (see photo; from left to right): Zuotian Tatum (Human Genetics, LUMC), Wibowo Arindrarto (SASC, LUMC), Jeroen Laros (Human Genetics, LUMC) and Martijn Vermaat (Human Genetics, LUMC).

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